Program Descriptions

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology requires 72 hours of graduate credit, including courses in quantitative and research methods, Developmental content, and core Psychology content. It has a strong research core with a significant applied focus. The program trains students for research and teaching positions in university departments of Psychology and Human Development, teaching hospitals, and laboratories that conduct research on cognitive, language, and social/emotional intervention strategies, program evaluation, and the longterm consequences of early experience. Students whose career goals include providing clinical services to individuals and families are advised to apply for the School Psychology option within the Applied Developmental Psychology Ph.D. program.

M.A. Program

The M. A. in Applied Developmental Psychology requires 32 hours of graduate credit, including either a practicum or thesis. The program prepares students for employment in government and private agencies that deal with educational and health programs for children, agencies that conduct research on child welfare and human development, enrichment programs for infants and preschoolers, parent education, the media, daycare and after school child care programs, etc. It also accepts students who wish to prepare for doctoral work in Developmental, Clinical, Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology. This program does not provide training in clinical skills. Laboratory courses in clinical assessment and psychotherapy are not open to students in this program.