Financial Aid

Ph.D. Financial Assistance

PhD students accepted into the ADP program receive financial assistance. This assistance can take several forms. For illustrative purposes, typical packages for first-year students include teaching assistantships (up to 20 hrs/week) that cover tuition and provide a stipend of approximately $18,000/year (for full 20-hour package), not including summer. The department guarantees such a package for the first 3 years of the PhD program, and most students receive funding in the 4th year as well but it is not 'guaranteed'. Sometimes a one-time fellowship supplement of $1,000 to $5,000 is also available for first-year students.

Tuition coverage is also guaranteed for the first 3 years, and sometimes covered in the 4th year as well. International students and students who do not establish VA domicile may be responsible for the out-of-state portion of tuition after their 3rd year.


Individual faculty members may be able to provide a research assistantship from their research grants to either replace or reduce (i.e., to 10 hr/week) students' teaching assistantship. However, these financial aid decisions are made separately from admissions decisions and aid packages may vary. Financial aid packages are not typically finalized until some time after initial admission offers are made.

M.A. Financial Assistance

Although MA students are not guaranteed financial assistance, they may apply for (and often receive) a variety of teaching assistantships as well as other grants, loans, and/or employment within or outside of the Department. MA students who apply for and receive financial assistance typically do not receive such assistance until their second year.